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Hidden in the cracks….

New days come and go but a friendship is forever.

It had been months since Ben and I talked so you can imagine how surprised I was to receive a call from him.

“Hey Gabu!”

“Sema Ben.”

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Chapo’s can lead you from business to pleasure

What on earth was I thinking??

My mother always used to tell me how “real men don’t cry;” but when your buyers haven’t paid you for pieces that they bought over six months ago, when you have spent over half of your working capital on an event to prove to people who really don’t matter that you are worth something, when you can’t pay your employees or in my case my artists their dues, when you have to go to your mother’s house to eat because you can’t afford a meal, it’s honestly very difficult to keep the tears in.

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Haters will be Haters.

You know when you get so excited to tell that one person something that has happened to you? How your mind gets so eager that it can’t help but play out the conversation in your head before it has even happened? For me, that person has always been Ben. The first time I kissed a girl, when my Dad passed away, when I bought my first car – call Ben – was the first thing on my ’to do list’.

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Mother Knows Best!

At the beginning, all I wanted was to make money. And all of it! All the money in the world. I had grown up fatherless and knew what poverty felt like. This was of no fault of my mother. God knows how hard she worked to make sure we always had food in our stomachs.

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