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Junior Savers Day- Fun while Banking

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Saturday 27th August 2016
Nyeri Branch

On 27th August 2016, Nyeri Branch held an event for their children’s account dubbed ‘Junior Savers Day’ at the branch. The event attracted over 100 children who got the opportunity to see and learn how the bank works and the importance of saving. It was not all serious however as the children got to participate in fun games with our bank staff. There were plenty of snacks to go around as well.

Consolidated Bank is committed to growing with its customers including its junior customers. We consistently re enforce the value of a savings culture as one of the pillars to financial security and freedom and we believe that the first steps should begin at an early age The branch took the initiative to hold a junior savers day for the purpose of activating dormant accounts and giving the kids an opportunity to have fun while banking.