Agent Banking

“Conso Maskani” – Agent Banking by Consolidated Bank

How does Conso Maskani service work?

  • Customer walks in to the agent’s premises with their ATM card.
  • Through Point Of Sale machine (POS), the agent will pick the service from a menu, then swipe the customer’s card and insert the amount to withdraw/ deposit.
  • Customer is requested to key in their ATM PIN and the transaction is completed.
  • Customer will get a receipt confirming the transaction

Why is Consolidated Bank offering Agency Banking?

We intend to take on the Agency model for the following reasons:

  • To provide a cost effective delivery channel.
  • To increase financial services outreach and to promote financial inclusion to the un-banked and under-banked population.

Who is an Agent

‘Agent’ means a legal entity (usually an operating business) that has been contracted by the Bank and approved by the Central Bank to provide the services of the Bank.

Role of the Agent

The agent will be involved in carrying out certain specified transactions for the customer on behalf of the Bank.

Conso Maskani Agents offer the following services.

  • Cash deposit.
  • Cash withdrawals - both for Consolidated Bank and Kenswitch member bank customers.
  • Transfer of funds.
  • Balance enquiry.
  • Generation and issuance of mini bank statements.
  • Account opening.

Kenswitch Member Banks – Available Services

In addition to the above services, Conso Maskani agents will also be offering limited services to all Kenswitch member banks’ customers.

* Terms & Conditions apply