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“I’d rather we buy Eden Hazard at $150 million from Chelsea. That’s ‘cheap’ for such talent.”

“$ 150 million??? That’s crazy! buy three players with that kind of money.”

Two guys are engaging in football talk at a street corner. It is that time of the year called the “silly season”, when football clubs in Europe buy and sell players as they look to strengthen their squads for the upcoming season. Just like the two football fanatics, most of us soccer enthusiasts tend to discuss the valuation of players as if it is pocket change. Nowadays, if you hear a player has been bought for say $ 10 million, that player would be shrugged off as just average.

But think about it, what would $ 10 million (Ksh 1 billion) do? Heck! that would transform football in Kenya where the game needs a serious lift. Football is now big business globally. And a key indicator of its growth, a player’s transfer fee, has gone through the roof in the last decade. The numbers are mindboggling. And there is no relenting, over $ 1 billion already spent in July 2018 alone.

Behind all this is a human being, born just like you and I. And maybe they had a talent just like you and I had. Unfortunately, that is where the similarities end. The talent is nurtured and other aspects of the game enhanced in well equipped football academies. It is an investment which involves a lot of time and finances. Talent without hard work is nothing. What is the point in bargaining hard for a sweater in the streets, the hawker says mia tatu mwisho, you stick to your mia mbili and walk away hoping the hawker calls you back saying leta tu lakini umenifinya, faida napata hapo ni ishirini. He doesn’t and later on you regret why you left such a good thing for such a bargain price.

Many young people let their talent go to waste because to be the best, you need to sacrifice and work extra hard. Sometimes not spending time with your buddies and going for extra training could be the difference between being good and being great.

Be it football, athletics, music or other forms of arts, you need adequate finances to enlist in a related academy to nurture your talent or that of your child who you want to be the next superstar. That future can be secured by sacrificing financially. Start saving now. And the best place to save your money, Consolidated Bank. With the Solid Saver account, you will make the first steps in becoming the next big thing. Probably your child will be the first $ 1 billion soccer megastar. And with that, the disappointment of that nice 300 bob sweater you left behind will be wiped away by the glamour life that comes with it.

Parting shot: We would be happy to assist in nurturing your talent or that of your child. Please inbox us on or call us on 0703016 016.