Conso Akiba

The Virtual Fixed Deposit Account (Conso Akiba) will enable customers to save virtually without necessarily coming to the Bank to open an account. It will be similar to a Fixed Deposit Account done at the branches only that it will be done virtually i.e via Mobile. With the population embracing technology in this new era, there is need to avail products that enable customer to save conveniently and at the same time earn a return.


  • Must open Wallet/ Virtual Account
  • Must activate Savings
  • Minimum to kick off Savings is Ksh 100
  • Customer can deposit any amount
  • Interest calculated on daily basis
  • Top up any time of the deposit period
  • Can withdraw any time (Penalty of 20% of interest apply)
  • Threshold of Ksh 500,000 – Ksh 1,000,000 before full registration

Registration Process:

  1. Dial USSD Short Code (*262#)
  2. Select Terms & Conditions option (Link)
  3. Select Self Register option
  4. Enter First Name
  5. Enter Surname
  6. Enter National ID Number
  7. Select Accept option
  8. After Registration, you need to fill in extra KYC details. This is a one off requirement done for new customers only:
    • Dial *262#, Input PIN
    • Select Conso Akiba
    • Select Activation
    • Select Residential Address
    • Indicate Source of Income
    • Indicate average Monthly Income
    • Click Activate

Deposit Process:

Wallet Deposit: Customer must deposit to savings from Wallet Account.

Wallet deposit:

  1. MPESA Paybill 508400, where the Account Number is the Wallet Number (Mobile telephone number)
    1. M-Pesa Menu
    2. Lipa na M-Pesa then Paybill no option
    3. Paybill No. 508400
    4. Account Number = Mobile Number, format: (0722123456)
    5. Amount
    6. M-Pesa PIN
  2. CBKL account to wallet transfer (For existing customers)
  3. Wallet to Wallet funds Transfer

How to fix deposit:

Ensure your Wallet account has funds before performing this transaction.

Wallet deposit:

  1. Dial USSD Short Code (*262#)
  2. Select Conso Akiba
  3. Select Deposit
  4. Indicate Amount and period


  1. Upon maturity, the deposit plus interest is automatically moved from Savings Wallet to Wallet and the Customer is notified via SMS.
  2. Customer can access the funds by moving it to MPESA, to another Wallet Account, to an existing Savings Account or fix again.
  3. *Interest Rates:

Amount (Ksh) 1-3 Months 3-6 Months
100 - 499,999 5.5% 6.0%
500,000 - 1,000,000 6.0% 6.5%
Above 1,000,000 6.0% 6.5%


CBKL General Terms and Conditions - Account Opening

* Terms & Conditions apply

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