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KRA Tax Payments

What is iTax

(Integrated Tax Management system) iTax is a system that enables taxpayers to file returns electronically, make payments and enquire about their tax status online. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has partnered with Consolidated Bank to enable taxpayers pay taxes at the branches through the iTax system.

How do I pay taxes using the iTax system?

What is an e-slip?

An e-slip is an electronic ticket that contains the taxpayer’s details i.e. name, PIN number, amount of tax due.

For how long is an e-slip valid?

An e-slip is valid for seven (7) days from the moment it has been generated from the KRA website.

What if the e-slip is invalid?

If the e-slip is found to be invalid the customer has to go back to KRA website for another e-slip.

What are the modes of paying taxes under the iTax system?

Cash (This is applicable to both CBKL and non-CBKL customers) For Consolidated Bank Customers one can use their cheque but their A/Cs must be funded.

What does the customer get after paying tax at Consolidated Bank?

The customer is provided with a receipt print out indicating that the taxes have been paid.

What are the charges for using iTax?

CBKL will not charge for paying taxes under the iTax system.

What types of taxes are payable under iTax?

All domestics taxes are payable under the iTax system.