Treasury Products

CBKL Treasury is the one stop shop for all your money market and foreign exchange needs. We have a team of highly trained and experienced dealers, behind the innovative and competitively priced products that are unrivaled in the Kenyan market.

Our products include:

Foreign exchange cash purchase/sale

We offer across the counter sale and purchase of the major FX currencies, including USD, GBP EUR and the ZAR.

Fixed Deposits:

We offer competitive fixed deposit rates for local and foreign currencies on various tenors, specific to your requirements.

Dual Currency Deposits:

We offer this to our clients who hold their funds in foreign currencies and yet would want to earn the higher interest rates available in KES denominated Deposits.

The deposits is received in foreign currency and converted into KES with an agreed forward rate. The KES are then held in a high yielding Fixed deposit until the maturity date when principal and interest are converted back to the original currency at the pre agreed forward rate.

Treasury Bills and Bond Investments:

We invest in Treasury Bills and Bonds on your behalf.

Other products include:

Same day Swift transfers, Foreign Drafts, Foreign currency account, Foreign exchange forwards, Foreign exchange swaps and Real Time transfers of funds to other banks (RTGS)

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